Licensed Massage therapist

Certified Wellness and Life Coach

My journey as a massage therapist began over 18 years ago after graduating from college with a degree in criminal Justice.  I decided my true path was not in criminal justice but in helping others heal their bodies.  From the beginning I  truly took what I learned and ran with it. Enjoying every moment of learning and slef discovery!

After an auto accident forced me to learn how to rehabilitate my body and develop a healthier lifestyle. Through my discoveries, I have become a skilled licensed massage therapist able to provide lasting results and relief from pain, however, my journey did not end there as I learned that our bodies are an entire system that relies on healthy functions of other parts of the human body and its several systems, including, but not limited to immune, digestive, and respiratory systems, as well as our external social system. I help you orchestrate all of these systems into a harmonious functioning YOU!

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Relax your body, rejuvenate your mind, revitalize your spirit

I enjoy making your life better!

Member of the FSMTA since 2012  Past Treasurer of Flagler/Volusia FSMTA Chapter. Current  FSMTA Flagler/Volusia Chapter President.


Graduated Daytona State 2012- Massage

Level 1 Certified Reiki Practioner

Certified for Massage for the Oncology Patient


Knead Sole Reflexology

Masso Healing Massage

Premier Pain Relief in Daytona Beach

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.. Satrina M. Gearhart, LMT


Satrina has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since


She began studying the art of Massage Therapy at Daytona State College, where she quickly learned her passion for the body, and her gift of healing. 

Satrina has an extended history working with Chiropractic clinics and Full Service Day Spas/salons. 

Having advanced knowledge in a wide range of modalities assists her to provide therapies needed that help heal many troubling ailments we face. She asseses each patient  carefully and taylors a 'plan' or a 'goal' that meets the healing needs of every patient. Promoting complete homeostasis throughout  the body, mind, and every day life. 


Being certified in Reflexology for the hands and feet adds option/choice for a less invasisve alternative  to the said to be 'typical' massage treatments.

Having a strong passion for  use of Neuromuscular , myofascial Technique she takes an  idividualized therapeutic  and professional approach to  each and every session. 


Modalities include trigger point therapy, Cranio-sacral therapies, Reiki/ Energy/Chakra

Balancing, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Thai Massage(swe-thai and table-top thai),

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (advanced), and Lypossage zones 1+2(for body



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